Our Vision

      • The group's vision is to see our South African (Rainbow Nation) community in the UK united.

      • South Africans Diaspora United believes in unity in diversity, transparency and equality.

      • Our pride is unity in diversity, transparency equality, no matter what color, religion, age, gender.

      • We are to promote our Ubuntu culture and togetherness .

      • We organize events to celebrate our (bank holiday) national days in the South Africa is part of given education to our children.

      • We are a community Organization working with South African House (Embassy) and Charity's that are helping back home .

      • We make sure that we inform people about events and help South African's people in need and we also do fundraisers events for any south African Charity that needs help .

Under Trustee's

Registered with Company House and our Trustees are( 10463486)